Saturday, October 23, 2010

Two little words

In the MS world, we're besieged by "can'ts."

I can't walk.

I can't play the organ.

I can't control my intercostal muscles.

I can't feel anything in my (fill in the blank).

And here are the two words that need to change:

I can't do X any more

needs to become

I can't do X right now.

Factually, it's more accurate. With all things neurological, the future is unknowable (as the future is, anyway) so "I can't do this" is 100% accurate, but "any more" has 100% unknowable accuracy.

"I can't do this ... right now" is 100% true and 100% accurate.

We have enough problems as it is. We ... I ... need to remember to speak the absolute truth about my condition.

The Good Book promises that "the truth will set you free."

Time to cash in on that promise.

And, just thinking about that promise, right now... I think that it is, itself, 100% true.

Truth upon truth upon truth. How is that not a winning combination?

And... is that not itself... a gift?

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Peace Be With You said...

Lots of wisdom in this post.