Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Missing images

OK. I can't not at least mention this. I've been thinking about this for a while, might as well deal with it.

All of the photos on this blog are of things that I am barely able, or no longer able, to do. Last time I tried to get into the kyudo stance, I nearly fell over. My left foot, previously the better of the two organ-pedal-playing feet, is all but unusable on the instrument, and the right foot ain't doin' so good either, so I almost never play the organ any more. I suppose I could stand next to percussion equipment--briefly--but I don't think I could play in an orchestra standing, any more.

A few pictures have been taken of me, in the last year or so... Three or four at most. I think in all of them, I'm sitting at a restaurant, with my wife, smiling. The same restaurant, too, I think.

Which, you know, there's nothing really wrong with. And we really like the restaurant.

It's easy to amass pictures when you "do" things. When you're "active." Technically, I still do things (we're speaking this time in the non-Buddhist sense), but they're just not photogenic--photo-generative. They tend to involve sitting. Alone. Sometimes in front of a class, talking. Or watching them work. Nothing that really attracts photographers, or that demands photography.

Oh well. So what. Of all the things I've lost due to MS... I mean, really, I don't attract photographers any more?

All of our problems should be so easy. And silly.

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