Thursday, October 7, 2010

Different news

Oh, I so love my new herbalist.

I've been on his diet (no raw leafy greens, no dairy, plenty of plant proteins, no coffee (been doin' that one for 14 years, that was real easy), minimal sugar) for something like four months now. I just saw him yesterday. He said, based simply on his examination, "I can tell you've been following my diet to the letter. This is better, this is better, this is better..." and now that those issues are well on their way to having been cleared, we're able to address what may be one of the primary problems, and once we get that, we can start to see whether my over-enthusiastic immune system is specifically hacking at my myelin, or at something else.

And he gave me a new formula, told me that if things didn't get better in a week I should double the dosage, but call him either way.

And oh yeah, did I mention that his formulas have no side effects? NONE?

There was no promise of "cure," or "remission," or anything like that. Those terms were never mentioned, and I'm positive they never will be (certainly not "cure"). But, to hear news of improvement? And that there was at least a possibility of more improvement?

That don't come often, in the MS world.

It was a nice day.

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