Monday, October 25, 2010


I arrived at school already at about 80% exhausted.

I had a wonderful day with my students. We had a good review session, we laughed. I said some really deep things to one section; this section, I think, enjoys depth.

By the end of the day I have left 100% exhausted in the dust. I get home and I can barely walk to the bed. Two hour nap.

I get an arrangement done for this Thursday's handbell choir rehearsal. Sent an e-mail to someone in Connecticut who wants to commission me for a composition to be performed this Christmas. Will I able to do it, will I have the energy, the creativity, and get it done in time for them to rehearse enough to perform it, I wonder, but I ask him for a few more instrumentation details and tell him I'll get it done.

I had intended to attempt (at least) some more composition work, but I sit in front of the TV -- honestly, and I'm really telling you the truth here, not because I don't feel like trying to compose but because the cat has been at the vet for days and she really wanted some reassurance and "sitting in daddy's lap" time.

I manage to scratch this out, and I'm going to head for bed because my legs hurt and even my comfy chair isn't comfy. I had put some music paper in the bedroom to do some compositional musings, but I think it'd be better just to turn out the light and give up.

Was today productive?

To say "yes" denies the things I couldn't do because I started the day too tired and ended the day even worse. To say "no" denies the things, the good things, that I actually did.

Well, that's MS for you, I guess.

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