Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wishes (be careful)

One of the things I used to say to myself--no: to others--shortly after The Diagnosis, to reassure me (them) about the world of possibilities that still stretch before me, was

"As a composer, as a writer: as long as I can still use the computer or a pencil and paper, I'm completely unaffected. But a conductor, in a wheelchair? That, I can exploit."

I still think that's true. Very true. All of it.

But, today... today, now I own a wheelchair. A rollator that doubles as a transport chair, not a big-wheel-pilot-yourself wheelchair, but... I own a wheelchair.

And really, I didn't really "wish" for it. Really, I didn't.

But still... be careful, formal wish or no, what you say to The Universe.

You never know when it may be listening.

Or, as one of my Science of Mind friend's T-shirts said:

Thoughts become things. Make them good ones.

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