Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Report card

I saw my MD / neurologist / acupuncturist today; the usual weekly appointment.

We had a nice talk, as always; much of the appointment is usually dedicated to what some people would call a "dharma talk;" sometimes I give him orchestration advice (we have a wonderful mutual-support relationship).

He was very pleased. He said that everything about me was just wonderful. Attitude, approach to The Disease and what it's putting me through, acceptance of The Disease and the life I'm leading with it... everything was good.

Except my legs. Which are doing very, very poorly.

Oh well. Quality of life, that's all anyone can have (MS or not) and having that, I'm happy.

We talked about my weight loss (I'm down to under 160, if I can trust the bathroom scale), that it was OK if I was OK with it; talked about proper hydration (I need to drink a lot more water, even if it does mean more bathroom trips... oh well, just another thing to get used to, and people who are properly hydrated, MS or not, need to make plenty of bathroom trips).

I asked him, "So, about my legs? What can I do for them beyond... 'do what you can'?"

He said "That's pretty much it."

Well, if I do that... I'm doing fine.

And really, in the greater scheme of things, if you do what you can... MS or not, by definition, you're doing what you can.

And if you really are doing what you can... you're doing fine.

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