Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day

First day of school, today. Taught one class, said hello to some of my student friends, though not as many as I'd have liked to, spent most of the day in my cave, fighting with technology.

Didn't really "reconnect" to the institution. I teach lots of classes tomorrow, with barely any time available to farkel around with the machinery, so... it should be more fun.

Kids asked what happened, why I had the wheelchair. "I've got bad wiring," I told them. "Neurological bullshit." Which, y'know, really is 100% true.

They took it really well. (Helped that I smiled and joked a lot when I told them.) It's an electric wheelchair, controlled by a joystick; I called it "Playing a video game, except with real consequences." Everybody laughed at that.

Walking is a lot of trouble. My first thoughts were that I could drive the chair to the restroom and then walk in... only took a couple of times to show me that no, I'm driving in, and probably driving in to the handicapped stall. A tiny bit weird, this particular change, but it doesn't hurt. (As much as falling would, at least.) We'll see how well the walking goes tomorrow when I have to do it in front of the class.

The whole "we're back to school" really hasn't hit me, yet. We'll see how I feel after six periods of instructing 9th graders, tomorrow.

Which, I hope, I can make it through.

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