Thursday, September 30, 2010


A too-too-long day. Concluded by a not-that-necessary and, in my overfilled schedule, intrusive meeting, at which some work was dumped in my lap that there was really no reason that I be the one tasked to do it, except that the dump-er didn't feel like doing it.

And then I was told that I had to be the one who had to send the e-mail saying that (even though he was the one who had promised my delivering on a deadline without checking my schedule to see if I was even available) we'd miss the deadline, we'd submit The Thing later. And oh yeah, we expect that the recipient wouldn't be looking at it until at least the day after the promised-but-unattainable deadline, if not later.

Greeting me when I finally got home (and sent said e-mail) was this lovely haiku in Judy's blog:

It may seem a stretch
to give when one feels used up.
It replenishes.

I'm really, really trying to embody the truth in that. I'm not doing so well... what I really want to do is tell The Guy who wants me to do work that is his, that isn't mine, that Thursday and Friday are my most taxing days of the week and maybe the guy with MS who "doesn't feel like dealing with this" has a slightly different reason for not wanting to deal with it than you do, and maybe you can do your own damned work, especially considering that (on this particular project) I've already done vastly greater amounts of work than you have?

But fortunately, I'm not so exhausted as to think that'd do any good. Perhaps tomorrow, I can contemplate other options, to give and thus be replenished. Momentarily satisfying that venting my spleen might be.

But, as Professor Farnsworth of Futurama said, "A man can dream."

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Peace Be With You said...

Robert, thank you for honoring my poem. It represents what I believe but I too don't always measure up to its ideal.