Saturday, December 19, 2009


Good thing we're into the winter break... I think I just waved "bye bye" to the end of my rope, as it fluttered quietly in the breeze while I passed it on the way... well, maybe not "down," but somewhere other than where the rope was attached.

I'm having a lot of trouble walking, this morning. It started yesterday... my legs are very wobbly. And I'm moving more slowly than usual, and I've been moving pretty slowly for quite a while now.

I'm calling my emergency local acupuncturist today; I think my problems are just a request for a re-circuiting rather than some sort of MS degradation. Most of what I've experienced that most people would call an MS "exacerbation" (whatever the @#@# that means) have always been directly traced to an acupuncture-treatable condition. Usually, it's four needles and I'm reversing course immediately from "getting worse" to "getting better."

But as a result of whatever it is, my energy today is way, way, way past "low."

So, small goals today. Finish writing some music (gonna do that first before what little energy I have evaporates). Make some asparagus quiche. Maybe bake scones... although the way things are going, that may be too much. We'll see.

First, make some music. At least, if I only have enough energy to do one thing today, let me do something that will, even in a small way, make the world just a little bit happier.

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