Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Relief (I think)

Some good news to report. The worst seems to be past on the technical end of the windup to opening night. The myriad tiny changes I maybe wanted to make in the music, director said I didn't need to make. He didn't hear what I was hearing/worried about, he thought it sounded great. "Time to let it go," he said of the whole production. And I think he's right.

A good treatment today. No blocks (yay! finally!) and a very interesting treatment, to tap into "the sea of energy." Felt really good. And still does.

So I came to work a few minutes late one day last week, to find the plaza filled by paramedics, an ambulance, and a fire truck. Turns out one of the teachers bumped his head hard enough to cause spectacular bleeding (which is why the called the paramedics). When the shouting died down, he was fine. No worries there.

One of the kids said she was pretty creeped out by the whole thing (she was in his class when it happened). I told her, "You are eternal. The thing you're driving around in is temporary. Nobody enjoys being reminded of that second point."

I've given, and had to receive, that particular sermon a lot recently. I don't think I like being reminded of that. Which lesson was, of course, one of the first gifts of MS.

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The Conjurer said...

Wonderful! The younger we are, the more invinceable we believe ourselves to be.