Friday, December 18, 2009


And that's not the fun "hammered" we used to get in college, either.

Usually, I'm ready to give up and collapse around 2PM.

I got to that point at around 9AM today. This is gonna be... some day, I'm thinking.

I'm definitely back to "perpetual energy block" mode. I think I was in that state Wednesday, having only been relieved of it Tuesday.

Tuesday, as my doctor detected the block, he says, "You're blocked. Time for a change."

I said, "I'd be happy to, if I knew what to change."

He said, "Nobody does. Nobody ever does."

Well. OK, then.

Fortune cookie yesterday said, "Make time for a relaxing vacation."

Well. OK, then.

I'm not getting the message that I'm trying to send myself with this "constant block" nonsense. Whatever "the message" is... I'm not getting it.

Time for a change.

Well. OK, then.

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