Thursday, April 21, 2016

Simple works best

I did a phone-in yesterday, chatting with a whole bunch of MSers about the life-with-MS thing.

It was quickly quite clear that we MSers have a lot in common. Most everyone, if not absolutely everyone, related the experience of having their ever-so-comfy life go completely to shit once the MS really hit. And ever so many of them were fighting a rather nasty fight with pain, especially lower-body and leg pain, and an even nastier fight with how much of what pill to take when because whatever they were taking didn't seem to be doing much good.

Well, here I am in medical-cannabis California, and I tell the MSers that I just have a bit of the correct variety of cannabis and the pain and spasticity go away. Pretty much immediately. Still hurt? Have more. After all, the lethal dose of cannabis is on the order of forty-plus pounds of "smoke it all at once," so there's basically nothing to worry about. And the right varietal is miraculously effective. So, even though I have pain and spasticity, it's trivial to get rid of them. And I watch cartoons and laugh. Not bad as side effects, laughter and enjoyment and comfort.

So that's my personal take. Western medical world has no miracles. Go get stoned and laugh instead.

Or as a friend of mine learned from his Marine father, don't overcomplicate things. Western meds certainly embody overcomplication...

So I recommend the old reliable way.

Simple works best.

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