Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Challenge enough

An interesting question, asked by a rabbi delivering last Sunday's homily at All Saints church in Pasadena. 

The rabbi asked, "What is your story?"

Interesting to be asked of this particular MSer (me), who right now isn't exactly sure what the story is.

Well, I can talk all sorts of neurological stuff. Challenges with the catheter as I make my way through the cath club. Being basically wheelchair-bound. Nowadays being kinda lotsa bed-bound.

But none of those are my story.

I used to be an organist, still would be minus the wheelchair and bed and such. I'm not writing new music, read that rather as "any" rather than "no new."

Is that my story? Everything that I once was is gone? I don't think so, and I sure won't fight for "loss" to be "my story."

But honestly, I don't know what "my story" is any more.

Maybe that's how I'm being called, wheelchair and bed and catheter and such and all. To be open to simply find what "my story" is.

Certainly, I'm, getting a lot of practice in simply noticing... The time I spend on the veranda outside, just noticing how the sun is rising differently every day, how the scent of the air changes, every five minutes or so.

Is that my story? Simply to learn as Ram Dass says frequently, just to "be here now?" 


Perhaps that's my task... simply to be aware.

Challenge enough...

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