Wednesday, April 13, 2016

MS Message

A call yesterday from the urologist was quite informative.

This whole "nervous system" thing is quite amazing. All sorts of anatomical stuff basically takes care of itself. According to urologist, bladder is as he called it "smooth muscle," has nothing to do with the voluntary do-it-yourself stuff that arms and legs and such are all about. Internal pressure sensors in the bladder go off when bladder is full enough to set them off; the only voluntary muscle is the one at the urethral sphincter, which at age 2 or 3 or so we figure out how to control enough to not leak and to void bladder when we choose to.

But us MSers, we have bad wiring, so all the nerves take care of stuff on their own doesn't work so well.

My own experience with bladder stuff, being in the Cath Club and all, is all about cooperation. As is my experience with transferring from wheelchair to wherever, even for things like going down the ramp to the back patio and getting into the sun, because at some point it requires going back up the ramp, which either someone pushes me up or I just go for it and do it myself. Which after I do the Hard Thing and go up this one Hard Ramp Place, everything works pretty reasonably. But it's at some point all about cooperation.

I haven't figured out the "cooperation" thing for the "sitting at the computer and doing stuff" thing. I suppose I sort of have... There are times like now that tend to work, times like later that live in the "don't even try" zone.

Cooperation is definitely a "thing" to work on. And it's about time to leave the computer and go sit in the bathroom to do morning bathroom stuff that works best in the morning. Well, I got that down at least, but how to work music stuff into it... that's going to take something else to do.

An important thing to work on. Cooperating with myself. Hell of a new MS challenge, eh? Pay attention and act with love?

An interesting "MS message," eh?

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