Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Not bad at all

Had a charming talk with a fellow friend of mine here in Southern Cal, someone I used to work with and whom I've known for decades. I remember the birth announcement of his second child, now twenty WHAT years old? Wow..

Anyway, he said that a little news of my experience with medical cannabis should be shared, so here I go. I find that it helps me simply to be comfortable... Reduces or eliminates pain, reduces or eliminates spasticity. I've been experimenting with the differences between smoked and eaten, and the latter can't be titrated but a little experience shows when and how much of what works best... and so, there we are.

If you are like me accessorized with MS, I strongly suggest you try it. I dunno about what it may or may not do for the MS process itself, although I have been told by my medical caregivers that cannabis is neuroprotective, which I definitely need, but as to its effects on me?

Fabulous, and certainly gentler than the DMDs promise to kark you up. And really, something to add to the enjoyment of listening to beloved cartoons, movies, music even... Given the way MS stuff has racked me up, comfort and enjoyment are...

Not bad. Not bad at all.

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