Monday, February 16, 2015

Wait and see.

Sure has been a while since we "chatted," hasn't it...

Using the computer as I am right now, which in other words might be spoken of as "at all," is pretty much undoable. In typing that sentence, I stopped using my right hand... now I'm only using my left. Until that fails too, that is. We'll see where that takes me.

Was trying to find how to bet OFF a couple of services. Their web sites make signing up of "more" simplicity itself. Unsubscribing is pretty much impossible. I think I'm going to have to speak to a human... we'll see if that is still even possible.

Not really perceiving gifts from M.S., nowadays... I'm sure they're still there, but my perception needs work, I guess.

So... we'll see what happens.

Which is pretty much what my day has on offer nowadays... So, therefore...

Wait and see.


Muffie said...

When my right hand stopped cooperating, a few years ago, I devised a system for my left hand centered on the home keys. I could use all the fingers, just a bit differently than ordinary touch typing. Now, my left hand is giving out. So, I try using my index to type, the thumb for the space bar, and the pinkie for the shift. Not the greatest solution, but it works for me. Too bad I couldn't devise some way to continue playing the piano.

Robert Parker said...

Yeah, that's just the road I went down... Can't really "type" any more, I pretty much just poke and hope that my finger goes on a key rather than in my eye or something else unfortunate... I think my optometrist may have a connection to This Guy who can help with things like using a piano.... We'll see, if all goes well.