Saturday, February 28, 2015


The same as it ever was, as the song went. Struggling with the computer, with my physiology.

The MS Society is offering some sort of chat/podcast regarding dealing with bowel and bladder issues. It's really very kind of them, but... what they have to offer that actually makes a difference, I have no idea. Just looking at my experience in the Cath Club... They have a way to get my bladder to be less spastic? Really? And how's that gonna work?

A friend of mine has been in the Cath Club for ten years. He describes my bladder as spastic, but his, as little more than a bag. All his does is ... fill up, then get emptied with the catheter. What is it that anyone can offer that'll change that? Besides "stay away from things that make you go diuretic, which causes the whole "bladder filling" thing to happen more enthusiastically. That, and "if you catheterize yourself all the time, you're gonna get infected," and a recommendation to drink barley tea, which doesn't make one go diuretic but helps clear UTIs.

Not much to say today, certainly next to nothing to report. My mind still works reasonably well, a couple of days ago I helped a friend with a resume & other job-search cruft, but using my handsto type  stuff was, well, really unpleasant because of all the errors that my hands were inserting into what I had hoped would illustrate "good stuff" rather than "execrable typing."

Honestly, if I did zero corrections and just left things illegible, I don't know if that would make me feel different or not. I guess it'd just make things worse, to publish my non-capabilities. on't care who "might see it" or anything like that... more about how **I** would see it, and I already live enough with "hand and eyes are going south," I don't need to drive it deeper home.

Speaking of "driving things home," I don't think I can deal with soaking in the sea of failure, hand- and eyes-wise, so we're done for now. Where ever you might be, stay warm, stay dry.

Seasons are gifts to all of us... enjoy them.


Judy said...

I see your triumphs
present still despite losses,
a complete picture.

Robert Parker said...

Bless you for your kindness!

"yin" and "yang", at the bottom, mean "the dark side of the mountain" and "the light side of the mountain." Light and dark are different, but the mountain is the same. And on said mountain, in both the light and the darkness, flowers grow.