Thursday, January 1, 2015

Just this once

MS-related New Year's resolutions...

Eat. Keep eating. "Eat more often" trumps "try to eat more at official mealtimes." Just having snacked at all keeps me in a better place.

Do whatever it takes to get myself into a "happy to eat at least something" place. I've been spending a horrible amount of time in a loop of I don't want to eat anything -> I don't eat anything -> I get weaker, and an even lower appetite, if you can call it that at all... I can use some herbal aids to assist, sometimes, but so far at least,  just keeping "the tank" away from absolute emptiness makes eating at all more possible.

Pick things that are not only "within my physical world" but "to do's" that are, by me, doable. Do them. As well as you can, of course, but doing something is a win enough.

Know when it's time to stop before you hit the wall. Stop long before there's even a chance that it's gonna take you to the wall.

Speaking of hitting the wall, I just did, so I'll end with one final resolution: relearn my reaction to dropping things. As a theater tech, every time anyone dropped anything, my immediate reaction was "You can put that right there." So, I need a new "catch phrase" -- or is that "drop phrase?"

I survived New Year's Eve and Day with quite reasonable aplomb.

Since we live along the B2 flyover path as it approaches the Rose Parade route, we get a really cool microscopic air show. (We get a preview a few days in advance when the pilots fly the route with "only" F-15s.) I couldn't deal with facing the cold, but my wife popped off to snap a cool picture:

And so, thus do we resolve... or at least, we try to be resolute. Just this once...


Muffie said...

I thought of you when I watched the Rose Parade. Did you really have snow?? Hope you find a way to start eating again - you're too skinny!

Robert Parker said...

We have gotten snow in the middle of the afternoon, but not yesterday. Termperature was OK but whatever else snow wants wasn't there, so no snow. But DAMN cold.