Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Less is...

What a day, what a couple of days...

2:30 yesterday, I had an appointment at the urologist's for practicing my own participation in the "cath club." A friend of mine has been doing it for 7.5 years... quite doable, quite withstandable, very much makes things on the whole "better," once one makes it past those amazing moments of insertion.

I should count myself lucky... NASA's Curiosity crew had to live through "seven minutes of terror," I know someone who was in the control room during those very minutes, and what I have to go through will notin'sh 'allah, take seven @$#ing minutes. Although it might be terrorizing, in its own way... For a while, it'll probably take longer than it "actually takes," especially figuring out the final Prostate Push to get the flow finally moving.

I and my long-suffering wife/driver took a trip to Ten Ren afterwards, got a favorite tea and a dinner, even.

That was yesterday... And now, here we are at The Next Day, and I needed to cath myself, without help. Which I did! Took way too long, but fortunately there was not much suffering. Actually, there was no "suffering," as such. Once the cath made it through the Final Gate, that darned prostate, everything was fine. And fortunately, very fortunately, there was resistance and unwillingness but not pain, as such. Yeah, a couple of moments of "Factory didn't design this stuff to have a rubber tube shoved up it," but I'm already seeing the distinct moments of "This ain't gonna be an issue at all!" and "Here's the part where I really don't want to play this game,"  but it's going to be experiment and practice, not regret upon regret. So far, at least... From my mouth to God's ears, as the saying goes.

From God's mouth to my prostate, I suppose, is how it actually works. I'll take that too.

So, bottom line is, something I've been terrorized by, is a non-issue. What's keeping me from full-blown non-issue status is just practicing, which itself is, basically, amazingly merciful. The worst so far is "Well, that's weird," which for "worst," is none too bad!

Us in the Society of Nozzle and Straw, we take what we can get, however we can get it. Because with a bladder that doesn't like emptying, less is definitely more!

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