Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I got an A!

Where did I get that, you may ask?

A delightful visit to the urologist yesterday. I told him how I'm approaching my experience within the "cath club," about what I'm trying, how/why I prefer what I prefer, how/why I approach things the way I do, and he told me (and here's where I got the "A" from):

"Well, you're doing better than at least 95% of the people in your situation." He not just approved of, he loved, the way I was approaching and solving the problems that came before me, and provided really excellent answers to the questions I was having (I think, actually, that he was happy that those were the questions I was asking).

So what am I left with? Yeah, do things the way you've been doing them, here's how many hours to wait between cathing except I should definitely do it, schedule or no, under certain particular circumstances; how to decide whether or not to wait, regardless of what the clock had to say.

So, yeah I'm encumbered by having become a care-giver specifically to my bladder, but y'know, it's really not so bad, considering what else is wrong and needs working with or around.

And... I drove my truck today! Just to adjust it into a better parking spot, but still... I drove it off the property, did a tiny bit of "drive around the street," and parked my truck in what may be as close to the "best" spot it can currently go. Perhaps tomorrow, I'll drive it around the block and see how that's going. Perhaps in the not-too-horribly-distant future, I'll actually drive my wife somewhere. Lunch, maybe. Or even dinner, who knows? Stranger things have happened. But we'll have to see how that works out... spending all that energy to get ready, then get somewhere, then be somewhere, then.... hmmmm.... Oh, let's just drive it around the block first. Maybe to the bank, maybe to the post office. Those'll be difficult enough.

And "hard enough" is hard enough, by definition. And this life-with-MS thing definitely fits well within the category of "hard enough."

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Muffie said...

Your whole attitude gets an "A" in my books!