Friday, September 27, 2013

Hoping everything come out OK

Well, it seems that physical issues are on deck for today.

My urologist said that eventually, bladder stuff happens to pretty much everyone who has MS. Bladder gets over-enthusiastic and hydraulic/muscular pressure to get stuff just-plain out goes way up. Or, bladder just gives up, and stops emptying. For my convenience, of course, I get both of those things happening. From the urologist's "empty bladder is wicked better than non-empty" perspective, of course, neither of these really works out well.

Which means, of course, that I'm getting membership in the "cath club." Not as well-known, as well-discussed as the "Slug Club" of Harry Potter fame, but from what I understand, there are a LOT of us in that particular club. As my primary-care doctor told me a little sadly, "We're all men. Eventually, this sort of thing happens to all of us."

Now, a friend who has been in the "cath club" for over seven-and-a-half years assures me that once you get over the just doing of it, which is pretty danged weird lemme tell you, it gets easier. The "big moment" for guys is when the catheter pushes its way past the Big Gatekeeper, the prostate... there's quite the amazing moment that Cleveland Brown would herald by saying "And BOOM there goes the dynamite!" And you're finally and fully catheterized, and the pressure is gloriously relieved. And at the end of the whole thing, you basically don't really mind.  

Or so they say. 

We'll see. More training on the "Robert does it himself" will be Monday at 2:00. We'll see what happens.

'Course the last time I tried to do the training myself, I fainted (entirely normal, in the category of "that s--t happens sometimes," almost never happens a second and immediately-thereafter time, but I'm told there's a trick with cold water on the head and neck that will keep it from happening at all), but the passing out freaked out the staff who was doing my training while the doctor was out of the office (his suggestion to make the most of that "open time") and they called an ambulance and I was whisked off to the ER again. Which story basically ended better than my last trip to that location... but both of those are definitely another story.

So, as the saying goes, I hope everything comes out alright... I really do...!

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