Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another gift; another surprise!

I'm really quite surprised how well being in the "Cath Club" is working out. I have shied away from it for quite a while, I definitely shied away from it while I was in the hospital, but now that I'm doing it twice a day, I'm wondering if maybe I could stand to do it more.

Yes, it doesn't suck "that much." At worst, it's "Well, that's weird..." and isn't even as annoying as a rock in your shoe. And it may reveal what's going on during certain "I have no idea what's up with that" bladderisms, who knows?

Considering all the weird crap we gotta deal with, the even weirder crap we all have to do, something that is so UNweird that I'm left with the idea to try it more frequently...

That's definitely a gift. Not in the same overwhelming-spiritual-transformative category that many of the other gifts of this disease come in, but...

A gift is a gift. And boy, am I thankful for it!

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