Sunday, February 3, 2013

Moving targets; bean tossing

I've taken to describing my interfacing with the M.S. experience as "a moving target."

A couple/three days ago, I got up in the middle of the night to fumble my way to the bathroom, and I lost my "standing up-edness," and although I did have a hand on something to kinda control my descent, I hit the ground. Hard.

Your basic "land on your sacrum/butt" landing, but it was hard.

Ever since then, I've been feeling very "off." Plus, my butt hurts, as you could imagine.

Ever since then, I've been wondering whether I'm getting sick. With what, I don't know... not The Horrible Horrible Flu, not the fever/cough that my wife had for about a week. As of this moment, I think I may have... may have... left the "I'm getting sick" zone. Maybe.

But I think I may have returned to the "have to go to bed and sleep now now now" miasma. Not exactly "fatigue" as such, but an insistence that I have to go back to bed and have to close my eyes and maybe have to go back to sleep now now now...

I am so looking forward to my acupuncture treatment tomorrow. And very grateful that I finished the music people needed before they got to the "now now now" point.

Today is Setsubun, a Japanese spring festival. And although it's not astronomically equinox-ically "spring," I can definitely feel the change of seasons in the air. It's also the day after Imbolc, a Celtic "cross-quarter" holiday about springtime and renewal. A lovely day, a spiritual time.

So, in the Setsubun spirit, I'm going to go toss a soybean out the door, and shout "Demon out! Good fortune in!"

And then I'm going to bed.

We all celebrate spring in different ways. The Celts kindle fire, the Japanese throw soybeans at each other.

Humanity is amazing, isn't it?

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