Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Here we go again

And here we go again.

Not back to Texas... back to the world of "Gotta lie down and close your eyes, and maybe go to sleep. Now. Now. NOW!!!!!"

Ah, it was such a nice dream, to get up and start writing music again. Well, I did manage to get up and put a couple of things on SoundCloud. But that was it. And then, back to bed.

I made it to the vaguely-local dim sum place for lunch, and drove to the oculist to get my glasses adjusted. It was nice being in sun, warmth, and air, but it was a little tricky.

We'll try the "leaving the house" thing again tomorrow, because I have to visit a couple of banks, and go to the oculist again (unfortunately, because the person who said she was going to adjust my glasses got the lenses right but made the right earpiece dig in kinda nastily).

Somehow I made it through the Texas adventure without having to flee back to my hotel room. Barely, sometimes. But now, that I'm back home... I'm trapped in "gotta go to bed."

Is this an attack?

Who knows. And even if it was, or if I knew, would it matter?

Prob'ly not.

Wonder how long it's gonna be before I gotta go back to bed?

Who knows? Which is, of course, par for the course for the Neurological Highway. And, y'know... life.

Well, at least I had the strength to do a little blog-tweaking. And, because I've gotten some requests for it, to make one last visit to TMEA, here's a recording of their amazing performance of my music by the All-State Choir:


Judy at Peace Be With You said...

", that I'm back home... I'm trapped in "gotta go to bed."

Robert, is it possible that something in your home is making you react this way? My neurological performance is very, very sensitive to environmental factors such as building materials, inhalants, molds, cleaning substances, etc. etc. I have been tested for everything under the sun and have altered my living space, cleaning supplies (personal and household), etc. accordingly. I simply find it curious that you got relief from this very oppressive issue while you were away and, now that you are back, the problem has resurfaced. If there is an environmental health practice anywhere near you, it might be worth checking them out. My doctors are in Dallas. I believe they have been a major reason why I have been able to moderate the severity of my MS, through minimizing or avoiding the things that are known to be my antagonists in the environment. For example, we know that beef ingestion makes me wobbly. Adhering to this type of environmental discipline is an exacting life practice but, given the alternative outcome, well worth the effort.

Judy at Peace Be With You said...

Robert, regarding your music, I am in awe of your ability to create such a wonderful work. When I write something, it never has as many moving parts outside my control as I imagine a performance piece does. Congratulations and well done!

Robert Parker said...

Judy: A very interesting and well-considered point. I'm especially blessed that one of my Medical Team is unbelievably aware of, sensitive to, and right-on-top-of the tragic welath of toxic bogosities that infest today's environment. He read to me some of the cruft that one of his other patients was sensitive to; the list included "drywall dust" and "drywall cement." just try to avoid drywall in this day and age. He has even tested me for sensitivity to the odd stuff I use in my studio for sound abatement--which, fortunately, is something on the short list of "stuff I'm NOT sensitive to." Plus, my wife, now a voice actor, used to work in toxic waste abatement, and she is wicked aware of keeping crap out of the house.

But, still a very well taken point; we most often don't see what's right in front of us... Anyway, the good news is that my Medical Team are specifically chasing the "inescapable fatigue" issue, and who knows what they'll find?

Something much more insidious than "Maybe you're just tired," I'm guessing, will be at the bottom of it.