Saturday, October 6, 2012

What is "brain?"

A day of "tiny triumph" and ... well, at least I got something done... and ... pretty much dead-stick zero.

A little after 1:00, I headed out to one of my favorite Taiwanese tea/lunch shops. I tend to go there because, not just because the food and tea are good, and the people are nice, it's very easy for me to get from the car to the counter and back to the car.

Today, I pulled into the parking lot, then made the very, very, very long walk down to the grocery store. Filing it all the while under "@#$damn it, I'm going to do this." Bought one, count it one, item: a head of cabbage. Won't it be fun to make and enjoy some cole slaw, since I recently got that added to the "OK" side of my diet. I miss the crunch of lettuce and like leafies, and I've really enjoyed the slaw I've made for myself.

But, I made it that long, long, long way to the store and back to the tea shop.

Managed to get the cabbage into the refrigerator at home.

That was the triumph. Not a big one, but at least in a small way, a triumph. I'm sorry that it ended there...

Because that's indeed where it ended. The cabbage made it to my refrigerator. Where it's gonna stay the night, because I really don't think that I have the gumption to wash it, cut it, add seasoning, and enjoy. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, it is indeed very easy... when you've got the energy to do it.

Which... I don't.

I'm suspecting an acupuncturally-easily-remedied condition is behind this. I sure hope so, I don't want to live this way for much longer. It's no fun.

I wish I had something spiritually profound to share with you... I like to think I do, at least some times. Not today...

I'm hoping that I'll have enough energy to stay up long enough to watch the Saturday-night Star Trek TOS. (Last night, I gave up and hit the sack around 7:30...) I'm not sure I do... but it's worth a try.

Tonight, it's "Spock's Brain." Who can forget the line, "Brain and brain! What is 'brain'?"

Well, we often want to say that about our own nervous systems, don't we?

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Carolyn Cordon said...

Do what you can, and always, always celebrate those tiny triumphs!

When you're living with MS, achieving anything beyond getting out of bed can be a triumph, at times.

Good on you for what you did.