Monday, October 1, 2012

Something wonderful

First day of October... and my phone told me that it got up to 102 degrees today.

At the Japanese market, I saw two foods marked with "X season speciality!" stamps. One, a favorite noodle dish, was tagged as "Summer favorite!" The other, matsutake mushrooms (which I've always thought of as a winter/turn-of-the-year specialty) was tagged as "Fall favorite!"

Well, in southern California where it's 102 degrees at the beginning of October... it's neither fall nor summer. What it really is, I can't begin to tell you. I kind of feel the Metal energy of the season, such as it is in L.A., but L.A. is spectacularly Metal-deficient. Something about this place just doesn't like Metal. One night, I was sitting in the back yard trying to groove on the Metal buzz (always a favorite for me, this time of year), and I got a "flash" that the Metal energy... just didn't have a home. Nowhere to really connect... an interesting metaphor for an Element called "metal." I'll be in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks... there, I can feel the Metal, quite happy. And in the high Sierras, it's very happy. HUGE in New England, is the Metal "buzz." But in L.A.... nope. Sigh.

In other news... I was remembering my mother's first forays into the world of "retirement" (she "aged" into retirement, rather than "neuro'ed" her way in as I did). After having been in the working world for decade upon decade, she said that she had no idea how she's fill "all that time."

I think it took her something on the order of "couple of weeks."

I have a different version of that problem. "How" I could fill "all that time," I can come up with list upon list. I could write a book. Hell, writing a book is one way I could fill up "all that time." But my question is...

... Can I do anything today? There are days I don't get out of bed. That I don't shower. I try to at least brush my teeth after breakfast. Maybe I make tea. And maybe I don't, because it'll involve too much stuff to do before actually getting to the "tea making" itself. Like, y'know, make sure there's enough water in the kettle to brew the tea.

I remember days of my youth where I'd spend the entire morning and at least an hour or so into the afternoon watching TV. Sometimes (sometimes), I'd realize that I was spending way too much time watching Space Ghost and maybe I should actually do something? I kinda wish I was just wasting time, because when I realized that I was "just wasting time," I could turn off the boob tube (or whatever) and actually engage with "getting something done."

Nowadays, I wake up way too early, take my "gotta take it not with meals" pill, go back to sleep (maybe), wake up with the sun (maybe), wake up with the cat (usually), wake up by 10 (eventually). Have something to eat, tend to whatever business needs tending to (stuff like bill paying), check my e-mail... really, not much, it only takes about an hour at most, and... that list of "@#$#damn it, I've simply got to X Y Z today" doesn't get done. Because I need to lie down. Maybe go back to sleep. Maybe just lie down.

Something's ... missing. Something's ... disconnected. Dunno what it is. I sure wish I did... because then, maybe I could find it. Connect it. Whatever it. And actually get done what I want to get done.

Today I got acupunctured... I always need to take the rest of that day really easy. Tomorrow... who knows? Who knows what might happen?

As Commander Bowman said in 2010... perhaps ... "Something wonderful."

Even in a small way... that'd be fine.

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