Saturday, October 13, 2012


I'm clearly in a "new phase."

The "lie down and listen" phase.

Sounds Zen, don't it? But no. It's "lie down, put a cloth over your eyes, let your iPhone play a favorite cartoon which you've already seen time after time, and maybe go to sleep. Or not. But definitely don't read anything... just listen." Reading doesn't cut it, when it's Lie Down And Listen Time.

Now, this morning, I did that, and was able to get up and actually do things (like this). Couple of days ago, not so much... it was very quickly Lie Down And Sleep. Even more inconveniently, it was get up, eat, make tea, and then go to sleep RIGHT NOW NOW NOW NOW.

Does it mean something? Well, what did M.S. mean to begin with? Nothing. So, this means nothing, too.

I wonder if this is what relapse/remit is like? I don't have that, never have... but certainly, I also didn't have "got to lie down and sleep NOW NOW NOW" before, either. This certainly doesn't fit in to the category of "attacks," at least that I've heard about.

And, even if it is, for an "attack," it is pretty gentle.

Which, I guess, is the way we're prefer to get "attacked" by disease. Gently, kindly, painlessly. "Lie down and sleep" doesn't get much done...

Except, y'know, recovery. Which may be at the bottom of things what it's all about... we'll see. I hope.

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