Saturday, June 16, 2012

Who knows?

A new circadian cycle is encroaching itself upon me. File under "WTF is this about???"

It started earlier this year... I used to fall asleep during Friday afternoon anime club, even when a lot of things were blowing up on screen (even while sitting next to the subwoofer, which gets very enthusiastic during explosions). Right now, it's worse than it's ever been. Somewhere around 3:00PM... crash and burn, energy-wise. No thinking. No energy. No nothing. Stagger into the bedroom and start snoozing. Maybe. Eventually. On and off. Maybe. Makes driving home from the acupuncturist especially difficult, I'm too frequently still on the road during the "must sleep... now..." hours.

It's about 6PM now, and I'm (pretty much) awake again. Mostly. Well, at least enough to do this...

My MD/acupuncturist said at last week's appointment, "Schedule? What schedule? You don't have a schedule. Do what you need to do when you need to do it. Who cares whether you sleep all day and are awake all night... where do you have to be?" Good point... but still, WTF is this about???

Now, I've heard things about several European countries who have a centuries-old (if not millenia-old) "siesta" tradition, where the entire nation simply... stops and takes a nap. And then off they go, and have fun late into the night. Or do whatever. But... they nap. It's the Thing To Do.

Why I find this "strange," for me, I dunno. Maybe because it is strange for me... having spent decades digging in and working (or at least pretending to) straight through the day, and often straight through much of the night as well. But, apparently, that's not in the cards for me at the moment.

Well, I'm sure it'll change. Or won't. Who knows? Gee, I have no choice but to pay more attention to what my body needs and give it what it needs, period... What's "wrong" with that? Still, when one has always lived the life of the overachiever... it's very, very different. Is that the Way It's Going To Be From Now On? Who knows?

Then again, let's be honest... we M.S.ers are very, very well acquainted with "who knows", aren't we?

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