Monday, June 11, 2012

Green Lantern's light

Today, I have been discovering new flavors of exhaustion, it seems...

Day started off reasonably enough. Compiled a package of scores, CDs, sealed envelopes (composer contests like to hide the composer's name until the winning music has been chosen, so that choices are made by what they hear rather than who wrote it), and other stuff; printed it off at Kinko's, whose self-service copiers finally support printing from one's USB "data stick"; mailed it; picked up my dental x-rays, on loan, for another practitioner who's going to do Some Stuff on Wednesday (that I'm expecting to be weird and uncomfortable but with luck, not spirit-destroying). Picked up some new shoes at REI, which I think in time will turn out to be a good idea, but they're "just OK" at the moment.

The rest of the afternoon seemed easy enough: start at one end of the shopping plaza to pick up a new electric tea "kettle," go through the food court in the middle of the plaza to pick up lunch, final stop at the end of the plaza for wife and my favorite tea; and then drive home.

I'm not exactly sure where or when, but at some point... I hit the wall. Big time. Fortunately, only metaphorically, I stayed upright and under control at all times, but boy, did I hit the wall. And I feel like I've actually moved into the "suffering because of it" zone.

I think I may have started kissing the wall very early in the adventure, but I kept going (a) because I had been planning on Getting Those Things Done for days, and (b) dammit, I wasn't going to give up, I was going to get this stuff done [long string of expletives] dammit!

A very "Green Lantern"-esque moment... in one of the recent episodes, our GL hero was pummeled within an inch of his life, and one of the Guardians said "He doesn't have the strength... but does he have the will?" Well, that was me today, I definitely didn't have the strength; all I had was the will.

And somehow, it was only the will that helped me make it. Although, I gotta tell you, what I wouldn't have given to have one of those Green Lantern power rings...

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Muffie said...

Sometimes that wall seems to seek us out! I hit it two days in a row, and am just now bouncing back. For me it was overexposure to our blasted heat and humidity. I'm welcoming the cooler, rainy weather today, as is my entire nervous system.