Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Better. Maybe. We'll see.

Quite the day at the various caregivers. I told the acupuncturist that I had been very fatigued last week; among other points, he gave me one with the rather scary name "The Great Hammer."

As I think I mentioned earlier, I had a baby tooth removed last week, which (among other reasons for its removal) had a mercury-amalgam filling that had definitely run the race and needed to be removed, regardless of the needing-to-be-removed of the tooth itself (which definitely, needed to be removed anyway). My herbalist was very happy at that, because the mercury in that poor little tooth had been effectively "leaking" into my system, and exacerbating/worsening some of my neurological difficulties. He also created a new formula, which this time includes ho shou wu; which, among its traditional uses, also helps rebuild the nervous system. Definitely nice to be in the "rebuilding" phase of the herbal work.

He's also having me take magnesium citrate. One must be careful with it; if you chug too much too quickly, you'll experience... oh, let's call it, "a perfect storm," bowel-movement-wise. Not pleasant, I don't recommend it if you can avoid it. But I've also taken it in smaller, non-flood-causing amounts, and it has definitely made me feel better. Clearer. Stronger. And for those effects—in small, careful, conservative amounts—I heartily recommend it. No side effects— if you don't take too much, of course... watch out for that flood-causing dosage!

I'm hoping the next few days will find me awake, alert, and creating things.

We'll see what happens.

Which is what we do every day, is it not?

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Gail said...

awake-alert-creative - all good goals "YAY
Love Gail