Friday, February 24, 2012


A day of interesting moments.

Insurance company reported via e-mail that a number of "explanation of benefits" were available. For them to call any of these things "benefits" beggars the concept of "baldfaced lie." One page after another of "Oh, we won't pay that much, you'll have to cover all that... we don't pay for that... we don't pay for that, either..." The other day, someone joked about the world ending in 2012, and I'm sorry to report that I said, "Good. I hope it does. That way, the people who work for insurance companies will all be killed."

I was joking, of course.

Of course.

Another interesting moment: one of my 9th graders, who has been a little too quick to sleaze off her assignments, knocked an assignment out of the frakking park. She was as clear as a laser. It was a moment of perfect beauty.

Because I'm the computer teacher, I "get to" (and those are massively huge "air quotes" around "get to") give my students their "adult content on the Internet" lesson. I don't go into any squishy details, or do any finger wagging—I actually try to stay in a space of honesty and even humor, when I can—but there were a few very charming instances of people trying to hide themselves inside their own sleeves and cover their heads, during the completely safe and intentionally funny slides, while their neighbors yanked at them and said "C'mon—it's not that bad, it's OK, you've got to see this!"

And then, tonight, being completely out of energy; so much to do, so much that I need to at least try to get started doing, my legs are sore and twitching, and all I really want to do is have some sake and climb into bed and not get up so damned early tomorrow, but these new thyroid pills have to be taken an hour before eating and at the same time every day and because I have to be at school at 8:15 to Teach the Youth of America, I need to get up at six-something in order to not eat, so I can eat later, but not too much later, so I can get to the Youth of America in time... sigh.

Well, in the M.S. game, you take what you can get, right? But even so, as the day closes, with my legs twitching and aching, and being energetically completely sucked dry...

It was a beautiful day.

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