Saturday, February 18, 2012

Comedy, thy name is...

Well, so far the thyroid boosters have been... OK, I suppose. No major changes so far, but I actually can feel a subtle change in something. Somewhere. Not sure exactly in what. But there has been a tiny, tiny, tiny change. Somewhere.

Positive, I'll take. Even a tiny, tiny, tiny positive.

And in other, tragicomedically recurring news... My Adventures With B-san continue... adventurously. B-san (for those who haven't been following the saga, B-san, Japanese for "Mr. B.", is my ever-cantankerous bladder) is indecisive as ever. Well, I don't know if that's exactly the right term for his moodiness... he's really quite decisive, when he expresses himself. But he makes promises he doesn't feel like keeping.

"This is gonna be... huge!" he foreshadows. But when the time comes, he is ... unenthusiastic. Off-putting, even. "So, why are you bothering me? Like I'm interested in doing anything for you," he seems to say.

But then he screams for attention again.

And when he gets it, he does nothing about it.

I'm usually surprised when he actually makes good on his promises, especially because he often promises little, but delivers much. And then demands to deliver again... and he sometimes does. Sometimes.

Bart Simpson once paraphrased Hamlet, saying "Comedy, thy name is Krusty." Well, for me, B-san's name is comedy, but it's always funny in a ... ...


Oh, let's be polite. Different... way.

B-san, would you let me write the jokes for a change? Please?


Peace Be With You said...

Do you ever wonder if the coy Mr. B was ever a spurned lover who is now playing hard to get? Commitment issues, in other words.

Muffie said...

Be grateful even for the small positives! Do you think B-san could be due to something other than MS? Just something you may want to consider. Sorry to heckle the comedy routine.