Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gifts, of all kinds

Blessings in many sizes, already, today.

The choir at Oneonta Congregational Church sang one of my compositions today. They did a lovely job. (A recording was made, I'll share it with you as soon as it gets shared with me.) That was indeed a blessing.

And... I got to conduct it! I haven't done that in a while; it's nice to know that I still can! That was fun! Another blessing!

And... the best blessing of the day: I didn't fall over. I had to use both hands, which meant that I couldn't hang on to a railing while I conducted... I did lean against one, though, rather than stand "free" just on my feet. But even so, I used both hands, and never had to grab for safety (or reassurance, even). Everything was just fine. As fine as it would have been without The Disease's influence on my standing/leaning.

Each one of these blessings was small; "gently sized," shall we say. And yet, in their own way, they were each wonderfully big. Delightfully big.

M.S. isn't the only thing that abounds in gifts. Life, just plain "life," is full of them too.

Here we go again: Some days bad, some days good. Life is just like ... M.S. ... isn't it?


Peace Be With You said...


Muffie said...

Isn't it fantastic when we have one of those days?

nicole said...

You bet cha! Life is exactly like that!