Monday, December 12, 2011


Winter is definitely not my season. Never has been. I do love Christmas music, and making Christmas music, but winter... I do not love.

Now, if I were able to take winter completely off... to do less, to spend more time in bed, maybe more time in warm baths (having a bathtub that I could fit into would, of course, help), to do the sort of thing that nature intended us to do in the winter—that being, of course, less—I might like it more.

But "less" doesn't seem to be an option. Right now, at least. So, I take what "less" I can. I didn't go to the store on the way home, as I usually like to do, because the cold (and today the wet, quite rare here in L.A., even in the winter) is making walking, even in a heated house, more than usually difficult. Make that very difficult.

Winter... squashes me. Makes it very difficult to start new projects. That's more of a ... season-of-spring kinda thing.

But I can't wait that long to start some new projects. Again, "less" doesn't seem to be an option. Well, at least a little less, it's gonna have to be, but it's gonna be as little "less" as I can make it.

Well, we do what we can. When we can. As we're able. Again, the human condition.

And the M.S. Highway.

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