Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cold cold COLD

I love my herbalist.

He spent nearly an hour coming up with this month's formula. This month's set includes cordyceps (finally, something with a side-effect: it's a performance enhancer, it's banned by the Olympic committee because it increases oxygen uptake in muscles, among other things) and licorice, something I've gotten in many a formula before, which adds quite an odd flavor to the formula. I gotta tell you, though, it beats the taste of gall bladder and turtle-shell-wax that my old Eight-Principle herbalist used to give me. He diagnosed some autoimmune oddities this month (and they're very odd) and he summed up his experience with M.S. patients this way: "This thing is damned complicated. All you can do is keep peeling the onion, and eventually wear it away."

And he suggested a specific herb to take nightly, because it actually helps your nervous system. (At least, he says it'll help my nervous system, and that's good enough for me.)

He hopes this formula will do something reasonably soon (and it may be doing something already), but he gave me directions on doubling (and tripling) the dose if certain changes don't arise in a week.

And I'm hoping that one of those changes will be in cold-sensitivity. I live in Southern Freaking California, where winters have always been deliciously, unseasonably warm. Now, it's New Haven CT that's unseasonably warm. When I was in college, I left LA at 80 degrees, and landed in New York City where it was 8. Today, New Haven is warmer than LA. And... I have enough trouble walking, even with my walker. The temperature is making it harder.





Insert your favorite expletives, shouted angrily at the heavens


The "hot-water test," the old stand-by for diagnosing M.S.? Bring it on.

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