Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Success; always interesting...

First day of school. First full day of work after a very "up and down" summer. Which had very prominently featured lots, and lots, of "down."

Made it through the entire day. With quite reasonable aplomb, all things considered.

My favorite moment: A student raises her hand to offer an answer, it turns out to be quite wonderful and entirely correct, and I shout out: "Excellent! Five points to Gryffindor!" She laughed. (She'd be in Gryffindor, anyway...)

Now, I'm toast. Gonna take my herbs and then lie down, maybe read the script for what's proposed to be the musical this year.

And we do it all over again tomorrow.

That's the plan, at least.

Now, c'mon, you M.S.ers—the phrase "that's the plan, at least" has a very special meaning for us, doesn't it? Considering how the plan works itself out, or around, or doesn't, or ... well, whatever it does, it's unforeseen and ...
... always interesting, isn't it?

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