Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Needles (that actually help)

Man, what a difference a few needles make. Acupuncture needles, that is.

And, unlike the experience that many of my fellow MSers with needles, nothing comes out of these needles besides benevolent energy. The needles go in, energy follows, they come out. And afterwards, I feel better.

I'm still feeling the need to take it way easy tonight. Getting ready to drive home, I had fantasies of "getting stuff done." Nope; I can tell that it's still time to rest and let the treatment settle.

Let's hope it sticks.

I'm finding the cold both powerful and penetrating. Now, I'm inside a heated house; at the moment, I'm sitting under a blanket, and soon I'll be lying under a comforter. And still, I'm cold, especially my legs. Yeah, I know, it's just the 40s. When I lived in New Haven, "cold" was in the teens, or even sub-teens. But still; to me, it's cold; worse, it's inescapable. It follows me into a heated home, it follows me under a doubled-over comforter.

At least it's only my legs that are cold, not my soul... my soul really never got "cold," but it has been "dark." Very dark.

Tomorrow, I show cartoons to my 9th graders; I take the truck to the shop to get its computer looked at; and then, three rehearsals. A long (probably too long) day, but with luck, it'll be gentle and long rather than hard and long.

Gentle, I can use, right about now.

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