Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Had a very interesting visit with a herbalist yesterday. His diagnostic method I can't really describe, but the essence of it can be described as "listening to what the patient's body wants to say." (Knowing what questions to ask, how to ask the questions, and how to read the answers, is of course part of the system, but at the bottom line, you'll find "listening."

I'm having a hard time finding joie de vivre, enthusiasm, and especially creativity. Actually, I'd explain the reason for not being able to find it by just plain not having any.

So, clearly, I'm hearing very clearly what I don't want. What I'm not hearing, is what I actually do want.

What do I want?

I don't know. Frankly, I feel like I don't want anything. But I wouldn't feel like I was lacking something if I didn't want something. 'Course, I don't really know what I feel like I'm lacking, either.

"What do you want?" was the question of the Shadows in Babylon 5. If you're familiar with that series, you know that most of the B5 characters had an interesting time answering that, too.

Knowing what I want will require listening in ways I'm (clearly) not currently employing.

So, I guess, the first thing I want, is... to know how to listen better. Probably, what I should want is simply to do the listening better.

In the MS biz, you take what you can get.

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