Monday, December 6, 2010

Cost, inescapable

This morning, I left the house full of dreams for the glories I'd accomplish this evening.

I come home completely drained.

Maybe... maybe... I'll get something I want to accomplish for me done.

Yeah, I got some work for school done... some (by my lights) pointless paperwork; a test I don't really want to give because I know everything I need to know to calculate their grades, it's not giving me new information, just a paper trail I can use to justify the grade that I, and the students, both know that they deserve. The least I can do is make it painless, both to take and to grade.

But for me? Nothing. I'm pretty much dry.

I think I'll try making lunch for tomorrow. Not fancy, but important. (I can't go to the commissary, everything they make is specifically against my non-MS-aggravating diet.)

In the MS biz, you take what you can get.

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