Sunday, March 22, 2009


One thing (among many) that I've been sensitive to lately has been cravings; sometimes I crave fresh vegetables, sometimes lamb (which has been recommended by every one of my health-care providers), or some other yummy treat. Nothing like the apocryphal "pickles and ice cream" cravings of pregnant women on sitcoms--something very concrete, that I associate with something specific (whatever it may be) that my body wants.

Until a week or so ago. I stopped wanting anything. Anything. I haven't felt hunger for a while (the whole "nerve malfunction" thing), but I have at least wanted to eat things. Not any more.

I was telling my wife about this, saying that "I wonder what the MS is trying to tell me, with this sudden change."

She said, "Maybe it's telling you... that you have MS."

I really have been trying to regard this as a spiritual journey, but sometimes you gotta wonder... sometimes maybe a cigar is just a cigar, y'know?

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