Saturday, May 28, 2016

Today's gift

Interesting days indeed. Getting things done... not so much. Go somewhere to do things... nope. Doing computer things, but it turns out, doing them wrong, then taking pretty serious emotional effect from screwing up things that I used to do effortlessly and, more importantly, correctly.

So where are these glorious gifts of MS?

Yesterday I was sitting in my wheelchair on the veranda, and I found myself completely going into simply listening. A bird. The sound of a car going by. The sound of humans going by and just chatting with each other. The sound of the wind going through the trees. And, as it does constantly in the back yard, the wind changed. And changed. And changed again.

This is definitely a very amazing gift... I am pretty much stuck in a wheelchair, I have no way to drive myself places so without caregivers hauling me, I'm stuck here. I often don't even have the energy to do things beyond listening to my favorite cartoons (like Steven Universe)

... or listening to Virgil Fox going nuts on the organ

...and maybe going to sleep. And yet, simply sitting on the veranda and simply listening.

That... that was a truly wonderful gift. As Ram Dass says often... just

Be here now.

Therefore, I say to you, MS or not... it's simple.

Be here now.

And just listen.

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