Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A gift and a prescription

High time to touch on the actual gifts of MS.

Stillness. Paying attention. Just noticing. These are all things that have arisen to the fore. I don't "do" things like I used to... Going places away from the house, getting involved with things that I used to do a lot. An awful lot. And now I don't... Instead, I work on just paying attention. Just be here now, as Ram Dass often says.

i sit in the backyard and feel the wind. Smell the wind. Listen to the birds, and squirrels, and whatever else is nattering in the back yard. Listen to the sounds of the city.

Each one of these is a beautiful, beautiful gift. And what has brought me to said gifts?

Just sitting. I did, after all, supply a chair to sit & wheel around in... why not make the most of it? To simply sit, and simply live?

So that's the gift, and that's the prescription.

Pay attention.

And why not... enjoy?

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