Saturday, May 14, 2016

Why not try...

An interesting pursuit that I have been following for a while now... Giving things away.

For example, cooking devices. I don't really cook any more, my kitchen, wheelchair, and manual dexterity do not really lead to fiddling with cooking gadgets, like a Cuisinart. So, I hand it off to someone who would both appreciate and use it.

The chef (kinda guy who cooks for thousands at once as well as a few hundred, depending on the gig) was blown away... My Cuisinart apparently is old school and much more serious than the newfangled ones they put out nowadays, he was blown away simply by its existence and by being offered such a goody.

My thinking is, right now, it's gathering dust and helping nobody. It's not making the world a better place or increasing anyone's happiness.  Or, I can let it gather dust in his cupboard rather than mine, and in the meantime making him happy and making all the people he cooks for happy. Which, by me, is a net gain.

My truck, I sold (months ago), rather than just giving it away. But seeking ways to be both generous and lightening the load of cruft, those stories generally end very well.

The site Tiny Buddha had a similar post, recently. Although posting a "getting rid of stuff" and "a giveaway, which if you win the contest will get you more stuff" seems rather... confused.

But MS or not, is your life being improved by stuff?  And MSers like me have lost so very very much, and yet here I go trying to get rid of more of it.

But again, MS or not, stuff gathering dust does not make the world a better place, generally speaking, so... why not deal with it and deal with letting go of it and make someone happy? Converting "losing" to "sharing" and even "gladdening" the person who needs, needs, it?

As the rector of All Saints church said frequently, it is only in giving that we can truly receive. And that is one thing that MS will never destroy, withering disease that it can definitely be: Generosity. Kindness. And a better life. For both the giver and the recipient.

So that's your prescription for today, whether you're an MSer or not. Why not try...


No side effects.

Go for it!

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