Thursday, May 12, 2016

Today's prescription

I get acupunctured today... In a few days, I may get another "off-campus adventure" hitting up the local Vons, maybe a wild and wooly trip to CVS.

I did do some wild self-indulgence the other day... one of the local-enough-to-deliver pizza places has completely redone its menu to include both vegan pizza and NON-pizza, so I got fish and chips. I may further indulge myself to get some pork ribs.

It's a wild wild life, as the song goes.

But I guess that's the sermon for today. Doesn't matter how much you got... Enjoy it. When it gets warm enough, I enjoy being outside, I enjoy being taken outside. And once my caregiver gets her car, I'll have her take me to somewhere really wild... Like Whole Foods. Or Ten Ren. Both places that I have really, really enjoyed.

So that's also the prescription... Enjoy more. And what that "more" is doesn't matter. It's not about"get more" or "do more," it's "enjoy more."

Even if it's as simple as making a transfer to/from the wheelchair or the bed, or as simple as a really good sandwich for lunch. Just enjoy it more, whatever it is.

You'll be surprised how easy or fun it can be. I (we?) may be totally wracked by The Disease or our once-comfortable/convenient life totally shredded, and yet, we can find things to enjoy.

So... as Garnet the Crystal Gem once said, Go...have... FUN!"

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