Thursday, December 18, 2014

The fun never ends

So, how're things going...

I have been very kindly ministered to by a friend... not an MSer but like all of us, he has Issues, and we minister to each other for our various Issues.

He has been wonderfully gentle with not letting me get away with stuff, very gentle in telling me that I need to come clean with myself... Very much, a gentle example of "tell the truth with love."

My wife is, even as I type this, taking the 18-year-old (yes, 18!) cat to the vet. We don't think this was going to be The Last Journey, but poor little cat has definitely run the race and soon it's going to be time to make the transition, whether she makes it with our help or not. We don't THINK it's time... yet...but we will see.

God, this has got to be awful for my poor wife... Caring for withering husband, and now additionally caring for a withering Cat Child who has been with us through so much.

And my job, through all this, is to pay attention, love Karen, and keep my f**king ego out of the way. I'm not always good enough to catch myself as, or even better, before, it happens... But that's my work.

Speaking of work, it's time to have a little more food, some medicinal herbs (nice flavor this time, this formula even has cardamom in it, among other things it's supposed to be warming, something I definitely need nowadays) and then some Medical Adventures.

The fun never ends.

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