Monday, December 8, 2014

Take what you can get

Time to remind myself about the whole "gifts of MS" thing.

Here's a gift: Simply noticing.

Nowadays, I notice my wife a lot more. She's really amazing, and it is definitely amazing to see exactly how wonderful.

Well, she's really wonderful. The source of the most amazing surprises... among many many many things, her work as a voice actor is delightful. Sometimes terrifying. A typical role in a typical (for her) game:

But her work.... she... is definitely wonderful. In everything she does.

And what's one of the most important things to learn about living with MS? About living with... life?

Take what you can get.

Sunday, December 7th, one of my compositions was performed by St. Olaf as a part of their annual Christmas festival, which has been going on since 1912. Their performers delivered a beautiful rendition of my composition Hodie--I don't have a recording yet of that performance, but I'll share it when I get it.

But it was good. Very good. St. Olaf, in the world of music... a friend of mine in the College Music Industry said that "'Good enough' for St. Olaf is 'holy crap!' for most people." It is a fine, fine place indeed. Go to any church music library, and you'll see the name "St. Olaf" peeping out at you from all sorts of places. Pictured below: Yeah, that's what St. Olaf's Christmas music festival looks like. Probably what the group that performed Hodie looked like.

Take what you can get!

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