Saturday, November 8, 2014

Second step promises ...

I have been very remiss in my blogging tasks, it seems. Well, here's how things are going...

It's beautiful in the back yard, during the day, definitely worthy of at least a veranda visit. We may very well have some satsumas in a week or so, pretty much the only plant not totally burned out by the weather.

Saw my herbalist yesterday, we had some very good and necessary words; new herbs definitely are in the mix, too.

Dealing with the computer is a ... challenge. When your eyes aren't working in harmony, it provides a challenge when one is accustomed to using one's eyes in concert with each other and with one's hands... which likewise aren't working as well as one is accustomed to their heretofore quite good work.

And I think I just hit the wall. Time to stop and move to the next "fun" operation, which will itself be followed by lying down.

The step after the "fun" medical one... promises enjoyment; the simple pleasure of just lying down, and listening to some cartoons. Maybe some music.

Off we go......

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