Saturday, November 15, 2014


I am so out of the "blogging habit." Well, I'm definitely still here... "Still around," at least.

Not much to share. Weather here in Pasadena is definitely fall, knocking on the door of winter. Reminds me very much of my Yale Days, perhaps just hanging out in Beinecke Plaza, or roving around the outside of Book and Snake, quite an interesting place in itself.

They used to have a refrigerator in the basement with a beer keg inside, nozzle & pull handle outside the refrigerator, mounted within/to the door. 'Course, that was when Connecticut was an 18-to-drink state... I wonder whether the keg is "of course gone," or "of course still there."

Well, I accomplished "something," sitting here at my computer, maybe I'll send another note or so, but I think I'm done, for the moment. Bed is seeming very attractive...

Certainly more attractive as a "comfortable resting place" than what sits outside the front door of Book and Snake

The Grove Street Cemetery, of course.

Not my planned destination, though. For now. So, don't worry!

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