Thursday, October 23, 2014

If all goes well

Sorry to have been silent for several days, but it has been... a time. That's the polite way to describe it.

Dark days. Crippling headaches, inability to deal with even SEEING food; actually eating it was out of the question.

Plus, to add insult to injury, one of my eyes seems to "like" pointing in its own direction. As long as it's not the direction the other eye is pointing in.

I feel like Steven Universe's "Amethyst," who (in the episode "Indirect Kiss") broke her gem and, in her words, acquired a "googgly eye"...

I recommend the cartoon. Not the googly eye.

Some new herbal treatments. One is easily and safely recommendable... Barley tea, mugicha in Japanese, quite good for UTIs and something you can drink by the gallon without a single worry. Won't even send you into diuretic madness, like some other teas will. Quite important, if you're in the Cath Club and don't want to be kept... busy, shall we say.

Also went to another one, which works for ME but for you, who can say? So we'll leave that one off the table for now.

Made it to Vegas, even, to an international conference at which I presented. Was the opening presenter. No pressure, eh? But I survived. Somehow. Sort of...

But what a trip it was!

And I think I've hit the wall. Time for a bit of computer business, then time to herb up and lie down. And thereafter... who can say? With luck, today will conclude with my attendance at a sake pairing.

If all goes well. Arthur C. Clarke, in the book 2001, said that was a favorite saying among astronauts...

If all goes well.

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