Friday, September 5, 2014

Why bother

As you may know by now, I am strict about not personalizing MS as an entity, which it isn't, with wants and whims, which it doesn't have because it doesn't exist.

But there's no other way to express it as cleanly or quickly: Last week, it really kicked my ass.

Yesterday, made it out of the house for a real adventure, taking a friend for the first time to a 99 Ranch market, which he had never seen before. "Who needs Vons, this is where to do produce shopping!" he said gleefully.

He was amazingly happy. For the first time in his life, after 30-ish years as a professional chef, he encountered golden kiwi, which is quite common in the 99 Ranch world but for his, he never knew it even existed. It was delightfully sweet. We loved it!

One thing I'm definitely noticing nowadays, perhaps as a side effect of all the mantric meditation I've been doing, pretty much all the time, is being calmer. I still yelp when I drop something, but I'm not holding, nurturing, grudges like I used to. I don't have energy for much, but getting pissed off and railing at something that I know nothing about and can do less than nothing about, I don't have the energy for so... why bother?

A new couplet, I guess... "Doesn't matter" and "Why bother?"

Today's not the day, oh definitely not, but I'm going with my friend to a different 99 Ranch, which has an even bigger produce section, and I'll pick up some unfamiliar (to him, at least) treats.

A very simple answer to the earlier question... "Why bother?" Because it tastes good!


Muffie said...

I certainly understand the "why bother" mantra, as I say it quite often. After a summer of gorgeous weather, we were hit with some heat and humidity this week, so I got walloped. Dropping things, tripping, exhausted, and frustrated, I had to adopt that attitude. Hopefully next week's cooler weather will perk me up.

Unknown said...

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